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Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work

Even as I type ‘authentic self’, it almost seems too cliche to be a topic. But that is exactly makes the concept so important. For starters, what is ‘authentic self’? To be clear, being one’s authentic self is not a license to act improperly or to perpetuate biases and discrimination in the workplace. It is…

I Voted. Now What?

With the Nigerian elections currently ongoing, all I and other Nigerians round the globe can really think about at this moment is the future of our country. I am tense and at the edge of my seat as I type. Refreshing browser pages for election updates every few minutes even though the process is mostly…

Chat GPT : The AI Bias Conundrum

Chat GPT is all abuzz now and of course, its popularity brings about trust and safety questions. A recent LinkedIn post got me thinking about AI bias. This post talked about how a Chat GPT prompt to joke about Christianity/Islam returned an automated message refusing to make jokes about religion and stating that ‘making jokes…

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