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An Ibadan Girl’s Guide to Getting Started

While I have constantly visited this blog over the past months, the last time I wrote here was February. What I have been doing since then is getting started. “Getting started?” you might ask. I have, after all, had this blog for almost two years. But yes, getting started again. Which is as important, if […]

An Ibadan Girl’s Guide to Fireworks

Hola! I’m back with a new story. I had originally written this story sometime in 2020, right before Nigeria’s Independence Day celebrations. I never got round to publishing it then but here you go! FIREWORKS I love fireworks. I love the way they light up the sky like it’s the 1st of October. The bright, […]

An Ibadan Girl’s Guide to Blooming

Hiya! This is a simple, sweet story of blooming written with Spring in mind. It’s a new year (technically, lol) and there’s always time to start again. Take a chance on yourself! RED BLOSSOMS It rained cats and dogs that Winter night. I remember because each raindrop felt like a mocking pelt of ice slamming […]

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