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Chat GPT : The AI Bias Conundrum

Chat GPT is all abuzz now and of course, its popularity brings about trust and safety questions. A recent LinkedIn post got me thinking about AI bias. This post talked about how a Chat GPT prompt to joke about Christianity/Islam returned an automated message refusing to make jokes about religion and stating that ‘making jokes…


Have you ever scrolled randomly through your Twitter timeline and a trigger warning sign popped up? Or watched a TikToker complain about how their video was taken down. Perhaps your Instagram post on COVID-19 has a COVID-19 Information Centre label attached to it. These actions occur thanks to a concept known as content moderation. You’re…

An Ibadan Girl’s Guide to Career Evolution

I have to warn you – this is, in fact, a guide. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get started. A few years ago, I chose to restart my life. What this meant for me was putting behind a career I had spent four years building and starting on a…

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