About Me

My name is Oyinkan. I am a technology lawyer and a digital policy specialist by day and well, I …err… I sleep at night. The weekends is where the fun happens though. I’m a writer on the weekends, you see.

One half of this personal website/blog, Digital Policy (which houses the Trust and Safety Simplified series), is dedicated to my days and the other half to my weekends – An Ibadan Girl’s Guide. You’ve probably guessed by now that I am an Ibadan Girl. And yes, this is not really a guide. It’s just me taking you through my mind, one post at a time.

The Trust and Safety Simplified series on the other hand is a digital policy knowledge sharing space. When I first started transitioning from law to Digital Policy/T & S, I didn’t find a lot of useful material to learn from. So this series is my ambitious attempt to fill that gap!

If you’ve read this far, you’ve amazing. Thank you!

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