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I’ve got the next story in my flash fiction series. I had fun writing this story because it required me stepping into the mind of my younger self. For context, I read a lot of horror fiction as a child and in my teenage years. My favorite author for a long time was (and still is) Stephen King. His work has always fascinated me which you can see in this story.

As usual, do let me know if you enjoy the story!


Forgive me not, for I do know what I do.

I do know that I methodically study his life on Twitter. His likes, his tweets and his retweets. When he interests me sufficiently, I do know that I proceed to his Instagram. That is, of course, the fastest way to find out where he lives. I do know that thereafter I proceed to Facebook. I need to know, of course, his friends and family.

Then, I do know that I will pay him a visit. Well, you see, not him really. His apartment. I want to know what he lives like. Is his existence as much a mess as his online presence? I need to know, don’t you think? I do know that I will follow him around for a few days. Not visibly of course, I am not stupid. Not that a man like him would mind a young, pretty woman like myself following him. Men like that would love that. But you see, my work requires that I remain invisible.

I do know by now that he has a routine. This comes in very handy, you’ll see. I do know that I’ll follow him out one of these days. Preferably on a jog. I do know that I’ll wait till it gets dark and lonely while he jogs on the road. An ‘alpha male’ like him cannot be scared of a simple matter like a dark, lonely road, haba*. I do know that I’ll stealthily draw closer as he jogs slower, waiting till the time is right to strike, armed with my mai-suya* knife. I do know exactly how his legs will buckle beneath him, unable to hold up the ‘alpha male’ anymore as his blood pools around both of us. I do know how I’ll watch, gleefully, as his blood seeps out while I listen to my recording of his incel tweets. I do know how I will wipe his blood off the blade of my knife, grinning satisfactorily from ear to ear.

I do know that I will be back to find another one like him. What I do not know is when.

*Nigerian exclamation, usually used to express surprise or shock.

*Type of knife with a curved, tapered blade, typically used by sellers of spicy meat kebab (suya) in Nigeria

Thanks for reading. See you next time!