An Ibadan Girl’s Guide to Work-Life Balance

Here I am. Seated at my desk at 2:00am. Writing about work-life balance.

Here’s the thing. I cannot think of any 20-something I know who has full-time employment and has gotten a hang of this work-life balance thing.

I remember seeing a random twitter poll asking 20-somethings if they thought their workplace allowed them work-life balance. The poll had an addendum – something along the lines of “work-life balance does not mean having enough hours to sleep after work. It means having enough time outside of work to pick up other interests”. I remember being stunned. I had always thought work-life balance meant having enough hours of sleep, LOL.

If like me, you are a 20-something living and working in a fast-paced city like Lagos, Nigeria, I guess work-life balance might be something of a fantasy.

You already know this is not a guide but here goes nothing. You have to take that time out anyway. You have to take time to figure out the things you want from life and how to go about achieving them. You have to give yourself a closing time from work or steal an hour or two everyday for yourself. Even if you are an entrepreneur, building your business or startup from the ground up all by your lonesome, you still deserve those hours to develop other interests. Your life should not revolve around your work, no matter how much you love your work. Pick up a hobby, some new skills, a side job. Your future self will thank me for it. LOL.

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