An Ibadan Girl’s Guide to Love

The 20’s can be a weird period. For some people, it is that awkward time when they take those first, uncertain steps into adulthood and each step they take takes them further away from the cocoon of safety that was their teenage years.

Love, I guess, is one of the many choices that comes with adulthood. There is something to be said about loving (romantic relationships, really) as an adult. They mostly lose the heady recklessness that was the tune of teenage relationships and take on this strange “who are we to each other” seriousness. They become less casual. New people one meets are met with the critical internal probe “could they be ‘the one?”.

In all the uncertainty that tends to swirl around adult relationships, I will say this one thing. In that sea of people and faces, sometimes, if you get real lucky and the big sky daddy shines benevolently on you, you might meet someone who makes you feel different but the same. Being with them might make you find yourself chiseling and working on yourself, perfecting all the itty-bits of you. Gazing at them might bring you this deep, profound peace. They might unlock something in you that you never knew existed. And being with them might feel like the most perfect, most natural thing in the world.

If you ever get lucky, real lucky, hold them tight and love them while that moment lasts. And remember that it is okay if that moment ends … because for that brief spell, you were loved and you loved.

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