An Ibadan Girl’s Guide to Climate Action

Did you just scoff and murmur “Climate change is a myth”. Well, if you did, I am side-eyeing you right now. Climate change is real, it does exist and there really is no planet B.

Ice caps melting in the Artic might seem pretty far away but rising sea levels in Lagos is not as far off as you might think. If you wondered why the weather was so hot in December or why it was raining in January, its pretty close!

A lot of our everyday actions impact negatively on the environment and here are a couple of simple, easy-to-do actions you can take to help save planet earth –

  1. Reduce – Cut down on your use of plastics. Resist the urge to get nylon (plastic) bags every time you go shopping. Tip – get you a cute shopping basket that you can reuse several times.
  2. Reuse – Now, we all make those unplanned, emergency shopping trips. You made just a couple of purchases and now you have got a whole bunch of plastic bags. Instead of tossing them out, why not put them to good use? You could use them as garbage bags … saves you the money for getting garbage bags and you save the environment twice over!
  3. Recycle – Imagine if you saved up all your plastic waste in one place and had someone come get them from your (at no cost to you) and you get paid just for saving up plastics. Sounds good, huh? The best part, it really could be you!

This is not all you can do. There are a ton of free resources on the internet you can check out. This is not a guide, but I really hope you become a climate action champion [insert climate action rallying chant].

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