An Ibadan Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Tech Bae (Part 1)

Spoiler alert! This is a guide.

I recently started learning to become a Tech Bae. For the past seven years, give or take, I have been trying to learn software development (unsuccessfully, if I might add, LOL). Everything changed a couple of months ago when someone gave me genius advice which changed the game for me. I needed to start at the bottom. But first, a little backstory.

My interest in Tech was piqued when I took an Introduction to Computer Science course in my second year of University. The course was compulsory for all law students and boy, was it a source of grief for too many of us! All the knowledge from every computer science course I have ever taken failed me. We were being taught Python and it was a sob fest all the wayyy.

Anyway, even after I was done with the course (which I aced by the way, Lord knows how), I would go on to study numerous YouTube videos on Python. I would spend hours at my desk trying to figure out programming and every time, I failed. It seemed like this tough enigma that I could just not figure out. Spent, I would gather my energy and move on to the next thing that caught my fancy. I eventually concluded that Tech = maths, maths + Oyinkan = sworn enemies, therefore Tech + Oyinkan = Montagues + Capulets.

Part 2 …

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