An Ibadan Girl’s Guide to Bouncing Back

Happy New Year 2022!

I took a break from writing to focus on other things and I had no idea how much I had missed writing until I started again.

Anyway, I am back and I am adding a nice twist to this space….Drumrolls…’tis fiction! Fear not, it is flash fiction but pretty enjoyable. Here you go –

A lifetime of You

I only remember that it was rainy the day I first met you.

I remember because the rain fell incessantly as though attempting, unsuccessfully, to obscure my view of your imperfect face. I recall how comically narrow your nose appeared. Like it had been stuck awkwardly by an impatient potter on your skinny face. How full your small lips seemed, because you had been biting at them like you always do. But it was your eyes for me. Your big beautiful eyes full of hurt. I felt a tightening in my tummy as I gazed into them and I knew I would spend the rest of my life attempting to undo that hurt.

I spent the evening talking to Efen but gazing at you. Ohh, but he understood when he saw the way I gazed at you. And I know you know as much because you spent the evening with a beautiful, little thing in your arms but with your eyes firmly locked on mine. When we each slipped our contact cards into the other’s coats in the cloakroom, we knew we had found what we had spent a lifetime searching for.

I hope you enjoyed this read! I am happy to hear from you if you did


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