An Ibadan Girl’s Guide to Getting Started

While I have constantly visited this blog over the past months, the last time I wrote here was February. What I have been doing since then is getting started.

“Getting started?” you might ask. I have, after all, had this blog for almost two years. But yes, getting started again. Which is as important, if not more important, than getting started the first time.

For different people, getting started means different things. For some, it is taking some time to put together a reasonable plan on what to do and spinning into action afterwards. For others, it might be taking a couple of moments everyday to obsess over what they need to do and then procrastinating what needs to be done. For me, it is a delicious mix of both methods – Plan, Obsess, Procrastinate.

What I am learning to do however, is to simply get started. Much like I am doing now. Que: Want to start writing on my blog again? Ans: Yes, therefore Action: Start writing on blog again.

To anyone who is like me, I leave you with this advice I found online years ago that changed my outlook on everything – ‘The job of the first version (of anything you want to do) is to exist, you can’t edit and perfect what does not exist’.

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